Exploring the world is always wonderful, but it could be even more amazing if there’s someone with you who tells all the stories that keep a place alive.

My guided tours’ aim is:

  • make your experience easier and nicer, planning in advance about where to go, what to see and (why not?!) what to taste;
  • make you feel the atmosphere of the place you decided to see, by telling you all the stories that make Italy a magical place to be.

What are you bringing home after a guided tour?

  • basically, a wonderful experience: enthusiasm, wondering, beauty… are all the ingredients to live some very exciting hours;
  • the acknowledge to live in an amazing planet: believe it or not, it’s one little step to reach happiness;
  • At least one or two stories you won’t be able to forget: next time you will see a palace or a painting, they will come to your mind again and you will astonish your friends!

Where are we going?

We will discover the town of the oldest University in Europe, take a walk under the historical porticoes and taste the wonderful food that made Bologna famous all over the world.

We will explore the land of Emilia-Romagna, still unspoiled by the main tourist streams and full of beautiful landscapes, interesting art and delicious, delicious food.

Or do you feel more like exploring the hills of Tuscany?

Click here for a more detailed tour presentation and… make your choice!

“Percorso Museale” by Marco Rubini, 2012

Are you curious?

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