My name is Elena Ramazza, I’m an art passionate, a tour guide and a traveller.

My mint sneakers!

I love simple things, like walking travels and open air breakfasts, and I really love to share what makes me happy. 

Artblitz is made to share stories and feelings: working as a tour guide I always discover new things and new places that surprise me.

So I learned that it doesn’t matter if you did hundreds of miles to see a place, or if beauty just crosses your way while you’re doing something else: let yourself be surprised, that’s the easiest way to be happy!

I live and work in Bologna, I’ve been exploring this town for years and it still amazes me everyday.

I work in a cultural organization named Habitart, our mission is to make art closer to people by driving them in short and funny guided tours.

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Are you curious, do you feel like discovering some new place with me? Click here!
I’m looking forward to be your guide in Italy for a day or even just a few hours!

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